Are visuals provided to supplement the textual lang. and to ease understanding?

I have assignment. I choose 5 articles I did excel sheet about summary could be tabulated to identify the following:
• the author(s) and title
• the source: journal title/book title
• the focus (topic/sub-topic) and research gap
• the methodology (data and theoretical frameworks or theories and rationale)
• the findings
Your analysis should focus on:
1. Content: e.g.,
• the value or relevance of this study (does it really focus on something original or provide a fresh perspective or data set or application or point of view)?
• how this study differs from others in this area/sub-field
2. organization: Is the study easy to follow and well-organized?
3. language: is the language clear and fallacy-free (logical)? Are visuals provided to supplement the textual lang. and to ease understanding? Are they suitable and explained?
4. credibility of the author(s).
the assignment now is the Literature Review, subheading (have to draw circle with subheading under it), summary of your key findings, and visuals in the same articles. ( i put the explanation down)
1. providing visuals (e.g., tables, pie charts, a cline or ruler organized chronologically) to make it easier for the reader to get a full picture of the sub-field you are summarizing,
2. dividing up your literature review using sub-headings structured around a single criterion or seminal features such as key variables studied or by chronology or geography (i.e., location of the studies: U.S.-based vs. Non-U.S.-based studies) or by demographic composition of the participant pool, or framework of analysis, or theoretical model or theory [Note that what is emphasized varies from discipline to discipline]
3. ending your literature review with a summary of your key findings from your review. In short, at the end of your literature review, you should compare and contrast key studies and bullet or mention/list key observations.


The target customer audience is driven to purchase well above average quality furniture and is willing to pay a slight premium price to acquire the limited edition pieces.

Landon Enterprises, Inc. manufactures and sells solid and veneered wood furniture. The target customer audience is driven to purchase well above average quality furniture and is willing to pay a slight premium price
to acquire the limited edition pieces. The firm is concerned that weakening economic conditions may cause a temporary decline in sales growth, profits, and cash flow even though the target
audience may be slightly less
affected than the population as a whole. Landon is considering expansion to an International Market to develop a more effective sales appeal to the International Buyer.
You are being asked to wear the hat of a member of an employee team that has been tasked with evaluating the expected outcomes from various cost structure and pricing changes associated with the anticipated international expansion. The BOD is interested in the financial forecast for the next three years to include an
annual forecast of Sales, Total Variable and Fixed Costs, Net Operating Income, and the breakeven point in sales revenue. Forecasting the future is certainly no exact science but it must take place to begin any evaluation process.
An income statement and a balance sheet for the year ended and as of December 31, 2022 are presented on page 3 of this document. The key ratio values (e.g. contribution margin ratio) have held steady for the past
three years or so but are expected to change in the coming years. Specifically, the following “moving forward” values are expected (forecasted) by senior management of Landon.
You will use the initial forecasts for the first pass of your forecasting model.
1. The variable cost ratio is expected to increase to 65% for each of the next three years (2023, 2024, 2025) whether the expansion occurs or not. This increase is driven primarily by the growing cost of skilled craftsman labor and the rising cost of the specialized woods necessary to build the premium products. Landon will attempt to offset these rising costs by developing an International sales presence that they hope will allow for modest price increases and greater volume over which to spread
the higher fixed costs. As a first pass, use the 65% expected variable cost ratio for the three year planning period (2023,2024,2025)

2. Fixed operating costs (excluding depreciation) are expected to increase by $200,000 in 2023 and then 6% annually for each of the next two years (2024 and 2025) if the international expansion occurs and 4% annually from the 2022 amount if it does not occur.
3. New capital asset additions are expected to be depreciated over a blended life of 10 years. The firm
uses the straight line method of depreciation. Use 2022 depreciation expense as the base amount that will continue over the next three years increased by additional depreciation on any new capital asset additions (depreciate over the 10 year blended life) if International expansion takes place. Assume that any new capital additions occur at the beginning of 2023. Use a full year of depreciation each year (no partial year in 2023).
4. The blended interest rate on borrowed funds (above the existing 12/31/2022 amount) is expected to be 8%. The 8% applies only to additional debt financing. The existing debt financing remains at 6% annually on interest bearing debt.
5. Management expects the income tax rate to remain steady at 30%. The BOD is considering an expansion to the asset base of $3,000,000. Approximately $2,000,000 will be in additional fixed assets (subject to depreciation) and approximately $1,000,000 in current assets (primarily inventory and AR).
If expansion takes place, the expanded asset base is expected to increase sales by 20%
annually. If the expansion is not undertaken, sales are expected to increase by 8% annually. Management is considering three different financing options to fund the expansion.
(1) Issue $3,000,000 of new interest bearing debt (8%)
(2) Issue $3,000,000 of new common stock at a market price of $30 per share.
(3) Issue a 50/50 mix of new debt (8%) and new common stock ($30 per share). The BOD needs your expertise to help it determine the likely financial outcomes if expansion does not take place and if it does take place under the various financing options. Specifically the BOD wants you to deliver the following within your report:
(1) Using MS Excel to present your model, prepare forecasted income statements for the next three years (2023, 2024, 2025) assuming that the expansion does not take place. For each year present the forecasted income statement, the breakeven point (treat interest expense as a fixed cost for the purpose of the breakeven calculation), the earnings per share, the expected dividends per share, and
the forecasted stock price given the P/E guidelines presented above. Create an effective MS Excel model (landscape) that shows 2022 (the actual values), 2023, 2024, and 2025 (forecasted values).

(2) Using an MS Excel to present your model, prepare forecasted income statements (not the balance sheets) for the next three years, under each financing option, assuming that the expansion does take place. Use the 2022 (actual), 2023, 2024, 2025 (forecasted) landscape format that you have in place.
As you did above, present the forecasted income statement and the breakeven point (treating interest expense as a fixed cost) for each year.

(3) Prepare approximately 3 pages of commentary in which you provide analysis and reflection upon the BOD’s potential actions (to do or not do the expansion). I want an efficient comprehensive reflection on the key outcomes that your forecasts present. Your analysis / reflection should address quantitative and qualitative factors. Be sure to include reflection upon the “risk” of the various decisions and
related outcomes.
(4) Begin your report with an intro to the BOD of the proposed expansion and key assumptions. Reference key results presented in your forecast models. The MS Excel Model needs to be a separate attachment to the report. One MS Word file with intro / commentary / conclusion and one MS Excel file (either multiple pages or I’m fine with one large page if sent electronically). Only one MS Excel file is permitted.
I’m looking for a very effectively designed format. Your name must appear on the MS Word document and the MS Excel document. Presentation does impact the grade for the project. A condensed income statement for 2022 Actual results are as follows:
Sales: $7,000,000
Variable Cost: 4,200,000 (Production labor and materials)
Contribution Margin: 2,800,000
Fixed Operating Costs: 1,300,000 Excludes Depreciation
Depreciation Expense: 300,000
EBIT: 1,200,000
Interest: 180,000 (6% on interest bearing debt)
EBT: 1,020,000
Tax: 306,000 (Federal and State income tax)
EAT: 714,000
The firm’s balance sheet as of December 31, 2022 is as follows:
Cash: $400,000
AR: 800,000
Inventory: 2,600,000 (raw mat., work in process, finished goods)
Plant/Equipment/Vehicles (gross): 3,000,000
Plant and Equipment (accum depr): (1,200,000)
Land: 1,400,000
Total Assets: $7,000,000
Liabilities and Equity
Accounts Payable: $1,800,000
Short Term Notes Pay: 500,000 Interest Bearing
Long Term Notes Pay: 2,500,000 Interest Bearing
Total Liabilities: 4,800,000
Paid in Capital (Common Stock): 1,000,000
Retained Earnings: 1,200,000
Total Equity: 2,200,000
Total Liabilities and Equity: $7,000,000


References as shown in the ″template download template″.

You have been hired as a business consultant, who is considered an expert in CSR, to help two environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs who want to start a new company that designs solar-powered cellular phones (NOT a case or charger). The cell phones will run on the Android operating system. The entrepreneurs are looking for advice regarding several decisions they need to make.
First, visit the following link to visualize the product that the entrepreneurs desire to design and build. The proposed cell phones may look like the one you see in the following website. (Links to an external site.) (Note: Xiaomi is a real Chinese company and it is NOT the company these two entrepreneurs is trying to start in this assignment. This Xiaomi phone is for you to understand what the proposed cell phone may look like.)
You are primarily asked for giving advice in the following areas:
Target customer group, price and specifications: The entrepreneurs are still debating if they should develop the product for the extremely high-end, high-end, high-middle, middle, low-middle, or low-end market. You need to help them to identify an appropriate target customer group. They are seriously considering targeting the young and college students by including high quality cameras, both front and back into their proposed cell phones. They want to create a brand image of a trend setter that sells high quality products at a lower than average market price. The product must actually have revenue higher than average if they are to make any profit, so they are debating how to obtain extra fees and upgrades.
Product release cycle: The entrepreneurs do not want to be technologically behind their competitors. Instead, actually they want to be one-step-ahead. So they want to release a new version of their product every 9 months, instead of the typical once-every-12 months cycle. However, this means that their models will become obsolete faster (more frequently than is the norm).
Raw material suppliers: The entrepreneurs want to minimize the costs associated with direct materials. Therefore, they intend to ask suppliers to submit bids from which the entrepreneurs will then choose the lowest bid.
Assembly factory: The entrepreneurs want to minimize the production costs and possibly also eliminate the cost of building a factory. Thus they are considering outsourcing the manufacturing of their innovative cell phones to a company in China as most of world′s smart phones are currently assembled there.
Analyze the decision considerations that the entrepreneurs are grappling with as outlines in the bullet points above. Then, write a report that outlines the top CSR issues (at least 3 issues) that may become critical for these entrepreneurs′ business over the next three years. (PLEASE USE this Template Download this Template, this Grading Rubric Download this Grading Rubric, and these writing guidelines Download these writing guidelines when you preparing your final report). The report MUST address the following:
INTRODUCTION (Clearly discuss the purpose of the report and demonstrate your understanding of the audience)
ISSUES THAT MAY HAVE CSR IMPLICATIONS (Choose three most important issues that have CSR implications and discuss why you chose three and/or why you did not choose others if there are any other)
STAKEHOLDERS AFFECTED BY THE THREE ISSUES AND ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPACTS (Stakeholders must be discussed in the order of importance considering the given situation and the purpose of the report, and you need to justify the order, which means the most important stakeholder must be discussed first. Clearly show logical connection among the issues, each of the stakeholders and impacts on them.)
CONCLUSIONS (This assignment asks you for solid ″business″ advice for success, NOT the ″most socially responsible″ path that fails the company.)
REFERENCES as shown in the ″Template Download Template″. (APA style: At least 10 references including those from the16 assigned reading materials in Modules1, 2 & 3. The credibility of each reference must be evaluated using the CRAAP test and the summary of the CRAAP test result must be in APPENDIX)
APPENDIX: (Must contain at least one table: Summary of the CRAAP Test Results. See the CRAAP test and a sample table Download See the CRAAP test and a sample table.)
NOTE THAT as shown in the ″Template Download Template″, the cover page must show only:
Report title
Your Full Name
Your Major
Date Originally Created
Date Last Revised
Again, as shown in the ″Template Download Template″, and as explained in the writing guidelines Download the writing guidelines,
Your report must be single-spaced and the body of your report should contain around 1500 words (or more) excluding the references.
Your report must be professionally formatted with section headings and sub-section headings.
All tables and figures must be numbered and titled and mentioned and explained in the body if you use them.
References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper according to APA style. All of these references must be cited in-text (parenthetical citation) and be accompanied by a full citation in the reference list. In general, we consider a source to be scholarly if it is published in an edited book, a peer-reviewed publication, an academic journal, or by a university press. Citing multiple works by the same author(s) or web-links (URLs) only qualifies as meeting one of the required five.]
Your report must NOT have any direct quotations. Do NOT use direct quotations. Paraphrase the information you used from the references.
Any tables or figures that exceed the given width of the page should be included in an appendix if you use them.
Appendices may be formatted in any way you deem necessary, with the exception that all pages must adhere to the standard page margins on an 8.5″ x 11″ page template. Any rotated pages in landscape orientation in the appendices should be rotated ninety (90) degrees to the left (commonly referred to as ″counter-clockwise″ or ″anti-clockwise″ rotation).
Conduct extensive research but your report must reflect AT LEAST what you have learned from
7 reading materials for Report #1 in Module 1 (some may NOT directly related to this assignment)
5 reading materials for Report #1 in Module 2
4 reading materials for Report #1 in Module 3
To find credible sources for your research, use
FGCU Library article, e-journals, and databases at (Links to an external site.)
Google Scholar at
Use the CRAAP test Download the CRAAP testto check the credibility.
Important Note:
If the overall match % is higher than 40%, your score will be 50% of the raw score. In some case, it may be considered an academic dishonesty conduct. A likely sanction of an academic dishonesty conduct is an F in the course.
You can submit your report several times if the overall match % is too high.
This tool needs to be loaded in a new browser window


Review the budget and do some sensitivity analysis to determine financing requirements.

Need your expertise in providing the following: Using the information from the case and some reasonable assumptions, prepare a detailed cash budget. Review the budget and do some sensitivity analysis to determine financing requirements. And to answer the following: Will the partners be able to meet their financial goals? Make a recommendation about whether to proceed with the venture, including any alterations to the original plans. **This needs to be set up on an Excel sheet along with the analysis, comments, and recommendations**


For the following questions, please make these assumptions: * The 10-Year Treasu

For the following questions, please make these assumptions:
* The 10-Year Treasury is yielding 3.00%
* The Equity Risk Premium is 5.00%
* Bonds trade at a premium to the risk-free rate of return as follows:
Rating Premium Over Treasuries
AAA 0.4%
AA 0.6%
A 1.0%
BBB 1.2%
BB 1.4%
B 1.7%
C 2.0
HCA is a provider of hospital and community-based medical services. It has a market capitalization of $44 billion and outstanding debts of $66 billion. Its beta is 0.78. Its debt is rated BB. Its tax rate is 30%.
Given this information, what is the WACC, rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent?
Your aunt needs your help. She has to decide whether to take a buyout from her company on her pension plan. She can either keep the pension plan and receive $20,000 per year for life or she can take a one-time payout of $400,000. She believes that her diversified investment portfolio is such that she should value money at 5% per year. What would you recommend?
a) Keep the pension because it is worth more to her
B) Take the buyout; its a better deal
C) They are economically identical, so either way is the same financially
D) It depends on who wins the 2018 World Series


Hello, here is a problem set consist 3 questions in total, including short answe

Hello, here is a problem set consist 3 questions in total, including short answer parts. I know there are some solution manuals for those questions online. You can use those as a reference for yourself to complete these questions, but the final work( including graphs for Q2) should be your original work. You may organize all the answers in one doc. Thank you for your patience and effort.


Please answer the questions on the word document from the perspective of global

Please answer the questions on the word document from the perspective of global supply chain buyer. FYI, I am a defense contractor with Northrop Grumman. Use the lecture notes to support, Please use it and 2 other sources to cite.